About Jennifer


Jennifer B. White is an award-winning movie director, screenwriter, Universal Pictures’ tagline writer (The Wolfman, Robin Hood, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, Fast and Furious, and more), and novelist (Dead Asleep, Otherwise, The Witch and the Devil’s Son). The movie she wrote, directed and produced, Mary Loss of Soul, was awarded Best Director and Best Feature Film at Boston International Film Festival in 2014, and was nominated for Best Feature Film at Palm Beach International Film Festival. The film is now available on all VOD and home entertainment platforms through the international sales company, Shoreline Entertainment, and distributed by Synergetic Distribution.

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship,
stories are the thing we need most in the world.”
~ Philip Pullman ~

Although White is a prolific writer, she’s an extrovert by nature, and fueled by creative collaboration. She enjoys the dynamic speed at which production moves, and the challenges of keeping that engine on track so it meets its destination on time.

As an executive producer on the thriller feature film Body, a Slamdance 2015 official selection, she knows what makes a great story, and understands interest groups and target audiences intimately. Body, repped by Preferred Content, was sold to Archstone Distribution internationally, and Oscilloscope for domestic distribution. From screenwriting to development, pre-production and the challenges that most movies face with tight budgets and production schedules, White knows how to navigate the choppy waters of filmmaking.

She’s a highly skilled director, and can work with a skeleton crew on a music video—such as the band “Weathers” signed to RCA Records—to a large crew on a feature film.

She also knows what it takes to talk with editors and a post-production team, how to market a film, bring it to festivals, and its final destination—sales and distribution. At her core, White is a skilled storyteller. She knows how to craft a memorable tale that will live on in the memories of audiences.

You can follow her on Twitter @nakedhollywood where she exchanges pithy comments with the celebrities that follow her.  She’s also on Facebook because she enjoys seeing what people are eating for lunch.