About Jennifer


Jennifer B. White is a movie producer, writer and director. Mary Loss of Soul, a feature film starring José Zúñiga  (Twilight), Kaylee Bryant (Disney’s Dog with a Blog) and Nick Mancuso  (Under Siege) is her directorial debut.

Growing up, White understood that a certain amount of supernatural phenomena was to be expected. Her father foretold his mother’s death and witnessed her ghost. Many years later, Jennifer received a “sign” that own her father was dying when her house was filled with the scent of incense. She got to her dad in time to hold his hand as he passed away.

These experiences, and others like them, left Jennifer with seeds for several good stories like Mary Loss of Soul, and her novels—Dead Asleep, Otherwise and The Witch and the Devil’s Son, stories that explore intriguing topics like fragmented souls, ghosts, witchcraft, dreams, time travel, reincarnation, and the lines between life and death.

As well as writing and directing, White has been a Universal Pictures tagline writer. She’s bicoastal, and lives and writes in Boston, Massachusetts, when she’s not in Los Angeles, California working on movies. She holds a BA in communication and an M.Ed in psychology. She has three boys—all were born in late October, the youngest on Halloween.

You can follow her on Twitter @nakedhollywood where she exchanges pithy comments with the celebrities that follow her.  She’s also on Facebook because she enjoys seeing what people are eating for lunch.