OakIvy Productions

Storytelling is rooted in one of the oldest art forms, folktales. Its many branches have spread to various forms of entertainment, including the movies.

As a principal at OakIvy, LLC, a film production company based in Los Angeles and Boston, we believe there’s almost nothing better than a good story told well. That begins by writing and polishing a script that has bite on page. Bringing that script to life as a feature film is our passion. And while the creativity drives us, the work—from conception to completion—is vast. That is why we have the tenacity of an ivy vine, and the steadfast strength of an oak tree. We are fervently dedicated to our craft, so all our projects are organic to the story with a clear, authentic voice and cinematically entertaining.

With over 20 years experience in Hollywood, we’ve spent time cultivating relationships and partnering with people who are as invested in quality storytelling as we are. In filmmaking, there are no small parts. From the crew to the cast, to the editor and composer—everyone we work with brings their very best to the process.

On every movie.
Every time.
No matter what.

Stories are as natural to humans as heart and soul—something you’ll feel when you leave the theatre because that is exactly what we put into every movie we make.